Body Change Assessment for Stress and Health Management

Project objectives: To identify electrical activity within noisy ECG/EMG/EEG sensor data. To recognize rhythms and patterns of orderly progression of heart depolarization, skin motion, and brain functioning changes. To separate various noise from the measurement data. To apply the mutual information-based approach in heart rate variability measurement for a real time stress management system. To […]

Coming together to stay in place: A collaboration to extend ulcer-free, hospital-free days in diabetic foot remission

Project objectives: The goal of this project is to meld existing and emerging technology seamlessly to monitor and provide optimal care to patients in remission from diabetic foot ulcers, allowing them to stay healthy and in-place and minimizing reulcerations and preventable amputations. Determined business or industry need: The Sensoria Smart Socks utilize a state-or-the-art neurofabricto […]

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