Foresite into Better Healthcare: Improving Quality of Life with Intelligent Proactive Monitoring

Speaker: George Chronis, Foresite Healthcare

George Chronis is the Chief Executive Officer of Foresite Healthcare. He received his PhD in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Missouri – Columbia. His work and publications are in computational intelligence and include autonomous mobile robot navigation, spatial relations, programming by demonstration, fuzzy logic and evolutionary computation.


George has founded CyberSense, a software solutions and development company undertaking projects with several educational organizations worldwide and large corporations, such as Washington State University, University of Arizona, University of California, Colorado State University, Beyer and Porsche. Projects developed and managed by Dr. Chronis span over a wide variety of demanding, large scale, data and computation intensive applications such as intelligent prediction on industry trends based on meta-data, various crop and seed optimization (maze, rice, soybean etc.) from planting using GPS guided image processing to sales, and computational intelligence models for optimizing strategies in professional motorsport racing.


Since 2012, Dr. Chronis is CEO of Foresite Healthcare and one of the company founders. He has led the transfer, development and commercialization of technology to improve quality of life for older adults by issuing early illness alerts from research to industry. Foresite Healthcare develops intelligent sensor technologies for passive, privacy-protecting, continuous health monitoring and machine learning-based predictive analytics to enable preventive care and personalized interventions in hospitals and senior living communities. Our solutions include proprietary hardware and software utilizing both edge and cloud computing to deliver early illness alerts for evaluation by our skilled healthcare professionals, resulting in proactive healthcare, cost reduction, reduced hospitalizations and readmissions.


May 26 2023


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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