Remote Monitoring in Healthcare:  Leveraging the Ecosystem To Build Something Meaningful

Speaker: Pia Schmiedel (, Email: 


Short Bio

Speaker:  Pia Schmiedel

Bio:  Business Development Manager at Henkel Corporation in the Printed Electronics group.  Pia is responsible for managing and growing Henkel’s presence in the medical space for the new generation of wearable technology, healthcare devices and wound management. 


Pia and I will share how we were, in a duration of 6 months, able to successfully leverage the manufacturing ecosystem to partner in building a remote monitoring device to support the COVID efforts in Europe.  We will share not only the outcome of that project, but also where we plan to go next in the wound care space, and with whom we are looking to collaborate and learn in the are of smart wound care.  


Aug 19 2022


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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