Reimbursement for Non-invasive Medical Devices: Strategy & Avoidance of Pitfalls

Speaker:Chris Hanna

Short Bio:

Chris Hanna is committed to educating entrepreneurs, legislators, and the next generation of providers on the current realities of healthcare markets in the US. His viable strategies and ideas offer practical, actionable solutions to lead to a more sustainable, equitable, and accessible healthcare system.

 Hanna has over 20 years of medical device commercialization, health policy, and reimbursement leadership. His innovative approach and strategies have been instrumental in improving the lives of countless patients living with neuropathic pain, cardiovascular disease, opioid addiction, diabetes, incontinence, acid reflux, infections, and cancer.

 Hanna has also worked extensively in Washington, DC, on national healthcare issues at the Congressional level. His efforts have resulted in impactful and positive policy changes for healthcare providers, patients, and the medical device industry.

 In addition to being the Founder and CEO of Pacific Therapy Access, Hanna serves as an Adjunct Professor of US Health Policy at Southern Methodist University (SMU). As part of his course curriculum, he examines the history and development of the US healthcare system under the US Federalist framework, the US Constitution, and Supreme Court decisions.



May 19 2023


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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