Digital Medicine and the AI era

Speaker: Jonny Hancox, Nvidia

The ever-increasing role of computers in Healthcare is only likely to be accelerated by the latest wave of AI enthusiasm. In this talk Jonny will explore some of the implications of the current AI innovations and how they might affect various aspects of our healthcare systems.

Short Bio

Jonny is a Senior Data Scientist within Nvidia’s Healthcare team. Originally a Product Designer, Jonny found his way into programming in the early nineties and, like his current employer, has been reinventing himself ever since in order to jump on the most interesting band-wagons. Along the way, he found himself working closely with hospitals clinicians and researchers to try to deal with unstructured data. Recently, Jonny has held positions at Imperial College London’s Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery and is currently a research associate at the AI Centre for Value-Based Healthcare, Kings College London.


Nov 19 2021


Pacific Time Zone
8:00 am - 9:00 am

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