DFU: Off-loading, prevention Shoes, wearable sensors, IoT and a the Multimodal Treatment Algorithm

Speaker: Franco Salvatelli (CESAR CORP.), email: franco@cesarcorp.com

Franco Salvatelli is an industrial manager focused in research and development of advanced off-loading devices and shoes for people with diabetic foot complications. In 2002 he founded Optima Molliter corporation and remains a  major shareholder.  Franco was the designer and co-inventor of 3 international patents and developed worldwide the business and the scientific research of this company. He organized 2 randomized controlled trials that in 2019  contributed to improve the International guidelines on diabetic foot off-loading management. He designed the DFA Diabetic foot Orthosis Algorithm , that is a “lingua franca” inspired by the fundamental principles and scientific elements of international guidelines. A document that can be easily understood by everybody, thus providing appropriate therapeutic guidance to healthcare operators who take care of patients presenting the risks of diabetic foot.

He is trainer and speaker from 2007 in several Countries around the world supporting communities of doctors and podiatrists to  improve their treatment of patients. Today Franco is the President  and co-founder of Shalf Group, a Company of motivated people moved by the vision to reduce lower limb amputations and improve quality of life of diabetic people by sensorized devices  applied to performing Off-loading walkers and terrific wellness shoes. Father of Edoardo and Elena Sofia, he lives in Italy and the USA but you can easily bump into him anywhere!


Aug 05 2022


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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