Care in place: Low Earth orbit and beyond

Speaker: Andrew Blader (

Short Bio

Dr. Blaber has 30 years of experience in space health research with more than 70 scientific journal publications. He has a multidisciplinary background with a BSc in Marine Biology (Guelph), an MSc in molecular and cellular Biophysics (Guelph) and a PhD in Kinesiology (Waterloo). In 1997 he founded the Aerospace Physiology Laboratory (APL) at Simon Fraser University. He is an active contributor to international efforts to improve our understanding of spaceflight deconditioning and the development of effective countermeasures. Dr. Blaber has participated, conducted, and led research on a wide variety of human spaceflight (Shuttle, ISS) and analog platforms (parabolic flight, bed rest, short-arm human centrifuge). His observations of returning astronauts led to the development of the cardio-postural model of blood pressure regulation; a new component to the baroreflex system Through a series of studies over the past decade, the APL has conclusively shown the existence of a baroreflex mediated skeletal muscle pump in the lower leg. His latest research project on the ISS is CARDIOBREATH where he is investigating cardio-respiratory dynamics in rest and exercise during spaceflight, and the effects of weightlessness on post-flight muscle-pump baroreflex function.



May 12 2023


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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